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When you are looking for a building, you need to check out the industry leader – Wick Buildings with the best buildings on the market. You will see that we use the best of everything to make your building to last.  Whether you need a place to store your farm equipment, horses, cars, or toys, we have the building to match your needs.

Taking the building industry to a whole new level
When you ask why we have the market advantage, we can simply show you that we use the best engineering, the best lumber, the best fasteners, the best warranty and service, the best steel and paint, and the best local builders and best crews. You will be able to customize your building exactly the way you want. From start to finish – your individual needs are looked after personally by our building professionals.

Wick Buildings and Our Market Advantage:

Best engineering – Wick’s licensed professional engineers (PE) stay current with the latest codes and building technologies, and they create the standards for all Wick’s designs.

Using those standards, Wick’s trained designers custom design each building to your needs. You’ll get both a building that meets your needs that stands the test of time.

Best lumber – Wick uses only machine graded or machine evaluated lumber for all structural components such as truss members, girts and purlins.

You will see less maintenance down the road, because in addition to the visual benefits of cleaner lumber with less bark and knots, it’s at least 15% stronger than regular lumber.
Best fasteners – All Wick exterior steel is screwed down with color-matched screws – no nails. Reduces nail pops and maintenance while increasing strength against weather elements like snow and wind.

Best warranty and service – As the old saying goes “a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up.” Wick takes its commitment to warranty and service very seriously and year-after-year most of our sales come from past customers and referrals.

We proudly stand behind every building warranty and are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Best steel and paint – Full-hard steel, 82,000 PSI hardness or better. Twice as impact resistant as 30,000 PSI commercial-grade steel. You’ll appreciate that when hail falls on the roof or the mower throws stones at the wall – less dents.

Exterior steel is G-90 galvanized. Compared to G-60 you’ll get 50% more corrosion protection, so your Wick building will look great longer.

Akzo Nobel Ceram-a-Star 1050 paint. Warranted not to chip, fade or crack for 40 years. Highly reflective for energy efficiency, keeping your building much cooler on those hot summer days.

Best local builders – Wick trained builders from your area who you know, and who Wick trusts. They live and work in your community so you’ll know who to contact should you need service, an addition or another Wick Building.

Best crews – Wick crews know only one way to build – the right way.
The crew that builds your building are trained in the Wick way of construction so you can be assured that your building will both look and perform as designed.

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